Brian A. Jewett, MD

Total Joint Replacement of the Hip & Knee, The Development of Technologies in Implant Design & Surgical Techniques

“I came to Eugene to develop a surgical practice devoted to the care of patients with arthritis of the hip and knee. I also devote time to patient and community education about diseases of the hip and knee and their surgical treatment. I've even found time to help launch a program known as Volunteers in Motion that provides surgeries to those who cannot afford them.


Education and Training

  • Fellowship: Adult Joint Reconstruction, Anderson Orthopedic Research Institute, Alexandria, VA, 2000-2001

  • Residency: Orthopedic Surgery, Vanderbilt University Hospital, Nashville, TN, 1996-2000
  • Medical School: Vanderbilt University Hospital, Nashville, TN, Medical Doctorate, 1995

  • Post Graduate: Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Master of Science, Neuropharmacology, 1991

  • Undergraduate: Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Bachelor of Science, Biology, 1990


  • Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Licensed by the Oregon and Virginia State Boards of Medical Examiners


  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

  • Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons

  • North Pacific Orthopaedic Society

  • Western Orthopaedic Association

Hospital Staff Privileges

  • Sacred Heart Medical Center, Eugene, OR

  • McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center, Springfield, OR

  • Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine physician and surgeon since 2001


Alamo, CA

Favorite Activities

In my free time, I enjoy cycling, competing in triathlons, parenting, making computerized movies, and taking digital photographs, as well as skiing and hiking with my daughters.

Patient Reviews

"I have been a patient off and on with Slocum doctors since 1986. I had a bicycle injury that caused damage to tendons in my right knee. Dr. Straub was my attending doctor before the Slocum Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine was formed. Arthroscopic surgery was needed. He was a great doctor and his staff was professional and knowledgeable. Move forward to 2006. My right hip replacement was performed in 2007 and then my left hip replacement was in 2009. Dr. Jewett performed both surgeries. I was treated also by Slocum Center physical therapy. Very knowledgeable, helpful, and all the staff really care about your progress.

In 2010, Dr. Tavakolian saw me for right wrist pain. Then by 2013, it needed surgery, thumb arthroplasty. No complications after surgery and it healed up quickly. The Slocum Center has top notch, state-of-the-art procedures that give you your livelihood back, performed by excellently trained surgeons. Thank you,  Slocum Center for making my life more active and for taking away the pain!" -- Gail C.

"Five years ago, I had a total left hip replacement and it gave me the freedom to do all my activities once again. Dr. Jewett, after looking at the hip x-ray the first time, guessed I would need to replace the right hip in about five years. He was right on the money. I'm one week out of surgery from right hip replacement and am already walking with one crutch. The stitches have healed. He came to visit me each day in the hospital and made sure I had everything I needed. If you need time to talk, he focuses on you and your concerns. With him, I don't have to worry. He is the man as far as I'm concerned for replacing hips. He knows what he's doing, his staff is the best, and his communication system is so great. I wonder why other doctors don't follow his lead." -- Valerie B.

"I tripped and fell landing on my face and wrists. I went to the emergency room at University. They called Slocum and sent me to Dr. Pomranky. X-rays were taken and I was put into a cast.  After a few x-rays, I was told that I needed to see Dr. Tavakolian and would have surgery on the wrist.  He told me he needed to put a plate and screws in the wrist. I had volunteered at River Bend Hospital and had met him there. I knew he was a well-respected surgeon and I knew he would take good care of me.  I had the surgery and I am doing fine. I know I am not completely healed but in 6 months to a year all will be back to normal. I had Dr. Brian Jewett operate on my right knee with a total knee replacement and he really helped me.  I recommend Slocum to everyone." -- Alice C.

"It was very informative. I didn't know if my knees were bad enough to have them fixed. He told me that I would tell him if I would need the operation when the pain gets bad enough. I never thought of it that way. I find myself a lot better then a lot of people I'm around. Thanks for everything." -- Merle T.

"In January 2012, I slipped while getting out of a friend's truck and injured my left hip. I had surgery for a full left hip replacement in October 2012 with Dr. Jewett. Prior to the injury, I have always been a very active and hard-working person. I would go hiking in the woods, walking with my dogs, and taking care of and building rock features in my garden. I was unable to do any of this just prior to surgery, without pain. After my surgery, by the twelfth week, I was back to walking three or more miles, was out with the dogs again, and mostly back to my normal activities. Things went so smoothly with my surgery that I was back to work part time in two and a half weeks! I was back full time within four weeks. I am sixty-two years old and cherish my health, vigor, and my relationship with nature. I am so grateful to Dr. Jewett for the excellent care that got me back to my activities." -- Karin T.

"WOW, I almost don't know where to begin. I first met Dr. Jewett on June 18, 2013. His staff was absolutely efficient, friendly, courteous, and informative.  I did not have the usual long wait when initially meeting Dr. Jewett. His office was very easy to locate and parking was a breeze.The next step was to speak with his surgery scheduling staff; his primary assistant was a dream come true. She was so informative, easy to converse with, professional, and yet talked like I was the only patient.  I have yet to go and meet her. We set the date for surgery in late August. I was scheduled on my preferred date and we set up the appointments. Before surgery, I had administrative work done three weeks including that day. I had a class for total knee and hip surgical patients. I then was scheduled to meet my anesthesiologist and had labs done along with height & weight. The following week I met with Dr. Jewett again, going over any final questions. I felt completely calm and had all my questions answered. I was mentally and physically ready for my much-anticipated surgery.  You see, I have been told I needed a total knee since 1907.  I chose Slocum Center and Dr. Jewett because having been a nurse for most of my young adult life; I did my research, and interviewed him.

 Slocum has a very top-notch reputation, as does Dr. Jewett. I believe he only does knees and hip surgery. My post op (now at 3 weeks) has been just as I envisioned it would be. I did a lot of exercise months before my surgery to strengthen my arm muscles and my thighs. Bike riding was the best exercise besides walking that I did. So best advice is to get into a little better condition than you might think and your recovery will be almost a breeze, as mine has been. I attend physical therapy two times a week, and work very hard each day dong the exercise they suggest. There is a lot more and all I can say is it is the best experience I have had all the way around.  I have heard many people say, "I wished I had done this surgery years ago.”  You will know when the right time will be. All my best." -- Liz W.

"I saw Dr. Jewett for a revision of my right total hip that had been done 8 years ago by a different surgeon. Dr. Jewett was awesome in explaining the revision process and what I could expect after the surgery. Dr. Jewett had previously performed my left hip replacement so I had no doubt whom I wanted to fix the right hip. Everyone at the Slocum Center has been wonderful. Thanks for helping me through a very difficult experience." -- Judy K.

""Wonderful" is the word that best describes my experience at Slocum Center.  I needed a hip replacement surgery and had 2 close friends who highly recommended Slocum Center.  Originally, I made an appointment with Dr. Jewett. At the time, he was scheduling surgery 5 months out. Another friend told me she had surgery by Dr. Shah and he was scheduling 3 months out. I called Slocum to see if Dr. Shah had any earlier openings and he did. I scheduled an appointment with him.  I was extremely pleased with both Dr. Jewett and Dr. Shah. They were both very professional and caring doctors.  Since Dr. Shah had an opening before the end of the calendar year, I requested to be seen by him and he was the one who performed the surgery.  I could not have asked for better care from ALL of the personnel at Slocum Center.  I was more than pleased with the results of my surgery and the follow up, I have since recommended Slocum Center to several people who needed hip or knee replacement. They are all as satisfied as I was.  I was treated as an individual rather than a "number.”  And the best part is, is that my hip replacement feels like my own. I was back playing tennis 7 months after the surgery and I don't even know I have an artificial hip." -- Lucia B.

"I have had the very greatest treatment and honorable experiences with my doctor and physical therapist, plus the general staff that one might never expect. I think the Slocum Center is a classic experience in excellence in every way It should be highly commended for it's standard of excellence that is exhibited, especially my experience with Dr. Jewett and his team which includes Camilla and Vince who gives the injections. It is a total experience of excellence and compassion. Thank you and good job to everyone." -- Fern R.

"I had surgery in June of 2010. It takes some time to decide to do a full knee replacement after years of bone on bone. Dr. Jewett and staff were quick to answer questions and make me comfortable that "it was time".  Like most, I had to carve time out of my life for healing and rehab. The professional way everything was handled and the instructional binder really helped me. Jill is a terrific therapist.  The fact that she could enter all data at the same clinic and have input with Dr. Jewett on my progress was most reassuring. After surgery care is so important. In my case, I wanted to be sure my husband was up to the task to be my caregiver. Believe me he earned his points!  The result is a much straighter knee as well as function. Knee number two has had two years of very successful injections that have kept me going quite well. I recommend Slocum Center all round and genuinely feel well cared for with compassion and top notch advise. They have a seamless system that runs so very smoothly and professionally. Thank you for your continued follow up and service." -- Donna C.