Christopher N. Walton, MD

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General Orthopedics with Interests in Sports Medicine & Knee Surgery

"I moved to Eugene for the schools, the people, the excellent medical community, and for the easy access to the outdoors. As I look back at these 'requirements,' I continue to marvel at and enjoy the opportunities we all have. To be able to contribute to the advancement of medical care in our community is a unique privilege. I've transitioned from being a runner to a cyclist and have become a connoisseur of Pinot Noir. It's hard to imagine living anywhere else."

Education and Training

  • Fellowship: Utah State University Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Western Surgery Center, Logan, UT, 1991

  • Residency: Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Hanover, NH, Orthopaedic Surgery, 1986-1990; Newington Children's Hospital, Newington, CT, 1988; Veteran's Administration Hospital, White River Junction, VT, 1990

  • Medical School: Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, Medical Doctorate, 1985

  • Post Graduate: California State University, Hayward, CA, Cell Biology, 1981

  • Undergraduate: University of California, Los Angeles/Berkeley, CA, Bachelor of Science, Conservation of Natural Resources, 1975


  • Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners

  • Licensed by the Oregon State Board of Medical Examiners


  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

  • International Cartilage Research Society

  • Oregon Association of Orthopaedists

  • Lane County Medical Association

Hospital Staff Privileges

  • Sacred Heart Medical Center, Eugene, OR

  • McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center, Springfield, OR

  • McKenzie Surgery Center, Eugene, OR

  • Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine physician and surgeon since 1991


Merced, CA

Favorite Activities

In my free time, I enjoy reading, cycling, skiing, scuba diving, and hiking

Patient Reviews

"I have been Dr. Walton's patient for over three years, when I was referred to him to discuss a partial knee replacement. I had that surgery in December 2011, and it was the best medical decision I've ever made. Prior to the surgery, going on my daily walks meant almost constant pain. Now, I walk, bike, hike, and play golf pain-free, and I have completed six half marathons since. Dr. Walton's follow-up care has also been outstanding. He always listens and addresses my concerns. This spring, although my knee was still doing fine, it didn't feel quite "right." I saw Dr. Walton, and he recommended exploratory arthroscopic surgery, which was also a complete success. My knee now feels stronger than ever. I completed another half marathon within two months of surgery, and later this summer, had no problem keeping up with my 20-year-old daughter as we hiked the hilly terrain of the Cinque Terre region in Italy. Because of Dr. Walton, I am confident that I can continue my active lifestyle for many years to come. Thank you, Dr. Walton, and the professional and friendly staff at Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine!" -- Leslie D.

"On December 31st, 2013, I moved a couch and felt and heard a pop come from my right shoulder. That evening, I was unable to move my right arm without assistance from my left. I waited two days, and went to the ER. I was referred to Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine where I met Dr. Walton, or as I call him “Dr. Magic Hands.” Dr. Walton’s laid back, yet straightforward style quickly put me at ease. He ordered an x-ray and that same day, to my surprise, I got the results! We learned that my shoulder was dislocated, and it wouldn't be able to be put back in place because there was more extensive tissue damage. He said just putting it back might cause even more damage. Dr. Walton ordered an MRI, and after reading it, he determined that I would need surgery. On May 29th, 2014, I had shoulder surgery at McKenzie Willamette Hospital. When Dr. Walton started my surgery, he thought that he would be able to fix my shoulder arthroscopically. Once he was able to look around with the camera, he found that my rotator cuff was totally severed, and it would need a more invasive repair.

Dr. Magic Hands went to work; 2 or 3 anchors and a 6” incision later, my shoulder surgery was complete, and I would be on my way to recovery. I'm totally impressed with my shoulder, and the fact that he was able to save my tattoo. Within the first couple days, I was able to do the exercises that they suggested. Within three weeks, I was able to move my shoulder without pain. Four months later, my shoulder is good as new. I have no pain, and I'm even able to lie on that shoulder, which I was told I would never be able to without pain. I was so comfortable with Dr. Walton that I asked him to repair my knee as well. In August, he operated on my left knee. I’m still in the healing process, but can already walk better than I have in months, and I’m confident that in time my knee will be as solid as my shoulder.  If I have any more orthopedic needs, I won’t hesitate to go back to “Dr. Magic Hands” and the Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. I have had many surgeries, and have never felt so confident in not only the first class medical care, but also in knowing that I will be treated like a valued customer with valid opinions, and not like a number like I have experienced at other facilities." -- Katheryn A.

"My experience was exemplary! It was my first appointment ever, and every staff member was amazingly helpful! I would certainly refer a friend to your facility!" -- Randy B.

"Treated for a left shoulder injury. Dr. Walton was great in providing treatment, but most of all, I liked his sense of humor." -- Norman E.

 "Dr. Walton is not only a very good doctor but also a nice guy. He answered all of my questions and I never felt rushed. Last week my wife and I were on top of the L, arche du triumphed in Paris. I walked up the 280 step spiral staircase without any problems. You did a great job on my knee, thanks again." -- Mike L.

"After 20 years of occasional knee surgeries, primarily on my right knee, I finally discussed total knee with Dr. Walton. I had always assumed that my ice hockey activities would have to end with a total knee but the pain had become such that I really couldn't continue.  No one would pass me the puck anymore! Dr. Walton agreed that he could replace my knee and allow that particular activity after. I had my knee replaced in October of 2012, began skating 2 months later, and returned to very light hockey within 3-4 months. I am now 1 year out, playing with no right knee pain, building up my overall strength, and sometimes get a pass from my teammates. I can't express how this has improved my life, as giving up that activity felt like giving up and accepting my age. My overall health has improved and this intense exercise will help sustain this change." -- Mitchell B.

"Nothing but good things to say about Dr. Walton. He did a super, over-the-top job, with a bad situation that had been neglected for years by the VA.  As he said, he's the "A-team” and thank God for that. Thanks to the staff and people with Slocum Center for all your help.  As a result of all the hard work, I can walk again and amazingly, with out any pain what so ever.  I went in on a Thursday mid-day and went home on Saturday noon. Nobody really wants to have to go through something like this. I had run out of options but as it turned out, didn't amount to a hill of beans.  I have and will continue to recommend Slocum Center.  Thanks so much to all." -- Roger B.

"I am so grateful for the staff here. Dr. Walton seriously changed my life by being willing to perform a total knee on me at my age, and Camilla, an amazing therapist, knew exactly how much to push me to get to where I needed to be. She was encouraging and listened to me ramble! Lol.  And since the first day I walked into to therapy, the front staff remembered my name. I'll be back for the second knee in the fall." --Kerri

"Had severe pain in right knee about six months. My primary doctor referred me to an orthopedist in Springfield, but since 2 members of my family had been patients with Dr. Walton with excellent results. I decided to see Dr. Walton instead. I was able to schedule an appointment promptly. After having a test (sorry forgot it's name) he reccomendind a Cortisone shot thinking it might help for 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately the pain was back in about a week. Fortunately I was able to get an appointment right after he got back from his vacation. He then had me get a MRI and when I saw him he reccomendind surgery. I asked him when and much to my surprise he had just had a cancelation for the next day. I told him that was fine with me. Within 3 days after the surgery I was walking without crutches in my house, using them only outside. I rested my knee often but wasn't bothered by walking on it. At my next appointment I told him of my surprise and demonstrated that I could stand on my right knee without using my left or any other support. I only have slight pain occasionally now. I will reccomendind Dr Walton and the Slocum Center any chance I get. A real positive experience. thanks to all of you!" --Sandra W.

"I injured my knee about four years ago and have been going through a lot of pain since. My primary care physician sent me to physical therapy three different times without success. I was finally able to get into Slocum and had surgery to fix my knee in less than two months' time. Now I will soon be able to go back to cheerleading and other sports without having to play through the pain. " --Josephine W.