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Average Patient Rating

Average Rating: 4.8
(617 reviews)


“The experience was just fine. All very professional.”
– Clarence S.
“I met with Dr. Shah about an issue with my left knee. After an examination and x-rays it was determined that I had osteoarthritis with bone on bone complication. The decision was to have a complete knee replacement and it was scheduled for early June. I would have to say, from conversations with other people that I was an exception in the fact that luckily I experienced little pain throughout this endeavor. At the same time, I would have to describe the whole procedure as over the top. To explain: First of all was Dr. Shah; I would describe him as a very competent physician, direct, but also very thorough. At the same time he has a warmth about him that is very soothing. I got the idea that I was dealing with a very competent surgeon, and that proved to be true. The Slocum Center, along with River Bend Hospital, goes out of their way to make sure you as a patient have a thorough understanding of what is going to happen and what you may expect. You definitely do not go into this blindly. At the hospital, you are met with friendly, accommodating staff that further reduces the anxiety. Once the actual operation had been completed you are comfortably taken care of in your room and begin your venture with physical therapy. Again, the physical therapist went out of her way to deal with my concerns and to make sure I would feel comfortable on my returning home. The next 6 weeks involved trips to the Slocum Center for physical therapy. Here is where the real wealth of the Slocum Center resides. These therapist do not only take care of the rehabilitation of your knee, but also in their own ways deal with the psychological trauma of the surgery. I cannot more highly commend and recommend the treatment I received there and Julie Embree, you are a "Rock Star." Overall, this was a much better experience than I ever anticipated, and I would not hesitate, in fact, I would encourage people to utilize the Slocum Center for orthopedic issues.”
– Maurice L.
“I was extremely impressed with Dr. Routhier she is very down to earth, straight forward. I have had follow up's appointments with her and feel she is very knowledgeable and honest about her approach of care.”
– Terry F.
“I went in for a knee replacement five years ago Dr Lantz is great he made me feel at ease also when my knee started hurting last year he gave me shots which helped a lot. He is a great doctor.”
– Sherry D.
“He explained the options for my knee and what I should experience before considering surgery. I liked that he explained in understandable terms.”
– Rosemary H.
“As good as it could possibly be. Having crushed the head of my radias on a Thursday because of a "foolish" injury, I met with Dr Butters on the Friday. Dr Butters did everything he could to expedite a cat scan and surgery. He was clear to explain the extent of the injury, the surgery needed, the level of pain to expect, and recovery time. Thank you one and all at the Slocum Center for the excellence in all you do. Our community is hugely impacted in a positive way by your presence.”
– Beverly S.
“From my initial evaluation & diagnosis by Dr. Shapiro to my final follow up post surgery, I was/am impressed with his direct communication approach. Others I have spoken with thought he was too dry or even condescending but I am not left with this impression. His confident demeanor and direct questions to me made both of our expectations and goals unified. My surgery was not at all what was expected based on range of motion and MRI analysis, and Dr. Shapiro had to react and change plans based on findings. My surgery ended up much more involved than was first thought, and thus my recovery was much longer and more involved than first thought. I am 9 months post surgery and am very much pleased with my outcome to date. At the 1 year mark (our goal) I should be 100% and have no doubts I will be there. Dr. Shapiro literally changed my life, and I am forever thankful! I would also like to compliment Leslie in physical therapy who was a huge enabler for me in my long process of recovery!”
– David R.
“In 2015/2016 I was a patient of Dr. Strasser for foot surgery and in 2010 Dr. Shah performed hip replacement surgery. I was EXTREMELY satisfied with both doctors. Good surgeons both of them, excellent bed manners. Ready to respond to any questions or address any concerns. Also the supporting stuff was always very helpful. I have nothing but praise for the doctors and stuff I had contact with at Slocum. Hope I will never need their services again, but I will not go anywhere else for orthopedic surgery of any kind if I ever need it again. I have recommended Slocum to many of my friends and they are just as satisfied as I am with the service and the results.”
– Lucia B.
“Dr. Jewett has replaced both of my knees and hips over the past 15 or so years. He was the first Dr. to be willing to take down my "Fused" rt. hip which was the result of an accident in 1953, when all else would not work the Drs at that time fused it! The difference in my life style was and is amazing. After he replaced the fused hip I was able to actually sit in a normal chair for the first time in 50+ years.”
– Bob R.
“He and his nurse are very professional and caring. I would recommend to anyone.”
– Cathy W.