Eugene Symphony

At Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, we play an active role in the enrichment of our community through our partnership with the Eugene Symphony. As proud sponsors of the Symphony Kids program, we support the enhancement of the community through youth activities and the arts. We have been an active partner with the Eugene Symphony since 2009, and it is our mission through this partnership to provide children with access to music education and encourage participation in music programs.

The Eugene Symphony offers a variety of programs to help our local youth to grow, including:

  • Link Up
  • Youth Concerts
  • EYMA (Encouraging Young Musicians to Achieve)
  • Young Artist Competition
  • Play It Again!

In addition to helping our youth by providing access to music programs, the Eugene Symphony also helps students who are trying to advance their musical talents by continuing on with their education. The Eugene Symphony offers artist residencies and Laura Avery Visiting Masters classes to help our youth excel in their education and talents.

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