Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Center volunteers travel to Haiti

A group of 16 volunteers, many from Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, traveled to Limbe, Haiti, in March to provide medical care and other help to the local community. This is the fifth trip that Dr. Brick Lantz has led to Haiti.

While in Limbe for eight days, the group of volunteers provided orthopedic and general health care services and operations, assisted a local OB/GYN with two cesarean sections, assisted a local orphanage, and more.

“I was amazed on how little the Haitian lived with on a daily basis. They had no electricity or water in their homes. They had to travel to separate parts of town for water and washed their belongings in the river,” says Cheryl Turnbo, staff member at the Slocum Center. “With all this adversity, I found the Haitians such a happy and thankful society. The love they showed for their families while attending the clinic so very special to see. They were also so grateful for all the help they received from the surgeons and medical staff.”

Another Slocum Center volunteer, Bobby Land, said that he most enjoyed helping in the orphanage and throwing a birthday party for the children there.

“We brought in decorations, cake, popcorn, candy, new clothes for all of them. A lot of them do not have a given birth date, so they did one big part for all of the kids,” says Land. 

We are so thankful to our wonderful staff for volunteering their time to help others!