Traumatic injury survivor returns to hiking after procedure from Dr. Nicholas Strasser

Five years and countless surgeries after Mike Hawley, 63-year-old Eugene resident and hiking enthusiast, fell 150 feet down Mount Thielsen (where he sustained eight fractured bones, a dislocated shoulder, a collapsed lung and a laceration to his head), he has now returned to hiking following a rare and unique procedure performed by Dr. Nicholas Strasser of Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

Suffering from post-traumatic arthritis, Hawley was referred to Dr. Strasser, fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeon, to undergo a total ankle replacement procedure to relieve his pain and stiffness. Dr. Strasser successfully performed the total ankle replacement, and within six weeks, Hawley was able to stand up and walk with assistance. As the recovery process continued, Hawley noticed a greatly increased range of motion and has since gotten back to hiking.

“I haven’t been able to hike like this since my accident, so I’m working my way back up. I’ve done a 10-mile hike and an 8-mile hike,” says Hawley. “My daily routine is 4 miles, reaching 1,000 feet elevation, so I’m getting back to my pre-accident speeds!”

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