Joint Replacement

Patient-Centered Joint Care Begins Here

Persistent joint pain is the most common reason patients decide to undergo joint replacement surgery, though oftentimes, patients prolong seeking care because of their overwhelming anxiety of the procedure itself. At Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, we understand the magnitude of the decision to have joint replacement surgery, and we have made great strides to help set patient expectations, garner caregiver support, and reduce patients' fears with RENEW The Joint Replacement Center at Slocum.

Proudly supported by our fellowship-trained and specialty-trained joint replacement surgeons and staff, RENEW The Joint Replacement Center at Slocum is dedicated to providing patients with world-class care and an exceptional patient experience. 

As some of the most highly respected surgeons in the region, our joint replacement experts, S. Blake Dowdle, MD, Rudolf G. Hoellrich, MD, Lyle T. Jackson Jr., MD, Brian A. Jewett, MD, Lucas Korcek, MD, Brick A. Lantz, MD, Mark E. Mildren, MD, Craig G. Mohler, MD, Steven N. Shah, MD, Timothy A. Straub, MD, and Jeffrey M. Tuman, MD, are highly skilled at assessing, diagnosing, and treating joint-related injuries and conditions and helping our patients determine the right joint replacement procedure for their unique needs. 


Our state-of-the-art joint replacement center—RENEW The Joint Replacement Center at Slocum—is designed to provide you with comprehensive, world-class joint care. 

Equipped with the latest and most advanced tools, RENEW allows our joint replacement experts to perform a wide array of surgeries, such as hip replacements (including anterior and total hip replacement), joint preservation surgery, knee osteotomies, total knee replacements, outpatient joint replacement surgery, shoulder replacements (including reverse and total shoulder replacements), and total ankle replacements.

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Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement

Utilizing Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology for joint replacement, our joint surgeons at Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine are expanding their expertise and care by offering this innovative approach to joint replacement surgery at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center. By using the robot to aid in the procedure, robotic-assisted joint replacements offer patients an exact, personalized surgical plan and allow for advanced precision when placing the implant.

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At Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, we understand that joint pain can significantly impact your quality of life and prohibit you from enjoying an active lifestyle. If you believe you may need a joint replacement procedure and are currently suffering from any of the following symptoms, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with a joint replacement expert:

  • Flexing or bending your knee joint causes significant pain
  • Grinding or bone-on-bone sensations
  • Limited range of motion in your knee joint, hip joint, or another affected joint
  • Problems sleeping at night due to joint pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling

Our expert joint replacement surgeons at Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine have completed rigorous training and specialized education programs focused exclusively on joint replacement procedures. Having mastered highly advanced techniques and accumulated a wealth of combined experience, our surgeons are compassionate, talented, and highly skilled in developing customized treatment plans to accommodate each patient’s individual needs. Our surgeons also strongly believe in patient education and taking a team approach to patient care so that you feel well-informed and comfortable with your decisions.

To schedule an appointment with one of our joint replacement specialists at Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine at our Eugene or RiverBend Pavilion location, please call (541) 743-4102 or request an appointment online.

*Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is preferred 4 to 1 over any other orthopedic practice in the region according to independent market research.