Retired Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Lisa Lamoreaux

Lisa L. Lamoreaux, MD


Patient Testimonials

Dr. Lamoreaux was very professional and knowledgeable. Great staff. I would recommend to anyone.

I traveled down from Wilsonville for my appointments. Dr. Lamoreaux was thorough, extremely knowledgeable and extremely organized. Her support staff was great and comforting to work with. I felt surrounded by competence. The surgery went off without a hitch, and I will always be grateful. I have returned to full ROM and continued to gain my strength. Thank you!

I personally like Dr. Lamoreaux’s style. I want a doctor who communicates directly, regarding my diagnosis at follow up treatment. She was very thorough and allowed as many questions as I needed. She also has a sense of humor which made for a few light moments during my follow up treatment. Although I need further treatment with a different physician, I know what my plan is going forward because of Dr. Lamoreaux’s ability to provide a long-term project.

The doctor who treated me was very friendly, informative, and thorough with my problem. I appreciated the time she spent with me and going over my records.

The doctor did an excellent job with the complicated shoulder surgery. I felt she protected me during physical therapy too. There was little for her to work with the left in my shoulder. The physical therapy wanted to rush me along faster since they assumed it was typical shoulder surgery. She was specific in the therapy plan. That helped. I stuck to the program for the entire four months following surgery. Doctor actually gave me hard copies to ensure instructions were followed.