Sports Medicine Foot & Ankle Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Strasser

Nicholas L. Strasser, MD

Dr. Nick Strasser is no longer practicing at Slocum Center. We wish him the best with his future endeavors.

Please contact our office at 541.743.4102 with any questions

  • Orthopedic sports medicine team doctors for the Ducks as pictured, Dr. Nicholas Strasser, Dr. Rudolf Hoellrich, and Dr. Jeffrey Tuman, proudly hold the 2020 Rose Bowl trophy after Oregon’s victory over Wisconsin.

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  • Graduating high school seniors Eliza Aronson, Kate Bakken, Hayden Banks, Taylor Bryant, Savanna Kyser and Nellie Shoemaker will each be awarded a $1,500 college scholarship from the Slocum Research & Education Foundation on May 14, 2019.…

Patient Testimonials

Great experience! Very professional!

I feel I received excellent care. I consider my surgery a complete success and I would recommend Dr. Strasser to everyone. The nursing staff, X-Ray staff, and scheduling staff were caring and easy to work with. Overall, being a patient of Slocum Orthopedics has been a very positive experience. If needed I would return to their care without hesitation.

I had two joint replacement surgeries last year: complete shoulder with Dr. Hoelrich and complete ankle with Dr. Strasser. My ratings apply to both doctors who I truly admire for their professionalism and the great job they did in repairing my body. Both doctors were accurate in their prognosis for my recovery time. I was promised by doctor Strasser that I would be able to walk to my first Duck football game about 12 weeks after surgery as well as go on a 10 day fishing trip. Both came true. Both my shoulder and my ankle are now doing great. I have no arthritis pain anymore and my life is getting back to normal activities which I enjoy doing.

In the last almost 5 years, Dr. Strasser operated on both of my ankles & both knees. All 4 of my operations are very successful. He and his staff are very professional but with great concern. Dr Strasser even called me on a Saturday to see how I was doing, and I had his personal cell #. Thank you Dr Strasser for all you have done for me.

In 2015/2016 I was a patient of Dr. Strasser for foot surgery and in 2010 Dr. Shah performed hip replacement surgery. I was EXTREMELY satisfied with both doctors. Good surgeons both of them, excellent bed manners. Ready to respond to any questions or address any concerns. Also the supporting stuff was always very helpful. I have nothing but praise for the doctors and stuff I had contact with at Slocum. Hope I will never need their services again, but I will not go anywhere else for orthopedic surgery of any kind if I ever need it again. I have recommended Slocum to many of my friends and they are just as satisfied as I am with the service and the results.