Retired Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Wuest

Thomas K. Wuest, MD, MMM



Fracture Care

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Significance of ACL Injuries

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Wuest is an excellent doctor and surgeon. He helped me with my shoulder and I didn't have a single issue with it after surgery.

Dr. Wuest is great. I have been seeing him since 2001. My husband had Dr. Shah he was great also.

Trigger Finger Repair and Long Finger repair. Easy fix for two fingers that seemed unable to open on my right hand. It works now just fine.

Dr. Wuest fixed two trigger finger tendons in the long and ring fingers of my right hand in about 20 minutes. My right hand is rather deformed by arthritis. I have had Dr. Brick Lance replace my right knee, and Dr. Jewet replaced my right hip, and Dr. Wuest fix my right hand. The staff at Slocum Orthopedic are very personable. I fell in love with three nurses in surgery and my anesthesiologist. But then I was drugged. I was surprised Dr. Wuest remembered I was a sculptor. He was very professional and all business. I also like his hair style. I don't know which part I will need replaced next. But it will be with a Slocum's parts department, to be sure.

Thanks so much to Dr. Wuest for his care and repair he did on my left shoulder.  I am sharing this article to let you know how much I appreciate the great work Dr. Wuest did.  This was a birthday trip in Maui and I was able to fight this monster for over an hour and use my left arm with no problems at all.  I swam at the beach for three weeks like I have in the past as a Swift water rescue swimmer.  I have also been able to pass the agility test to continue my volunteer FF/EMTI activities.  Slocum is the best.  I know you'll be there when I need something fixed again.