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Heather A. Campion, MD

Verified Patient Rating: 4.8 (23 patient reviews and ratings)
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Campion.
"I am 53 years old and had never broken a bone. I didn't know what to expect. The people in the whole building where very helpful. All the way from the front door to the doctor. The casting person walked me through everything. The doctor explained what my options were and we (the doctor, my husband and I) all discussed surgery. We decided not to and I'm so happy with my decision. Thank you all for your help and patience with me." – Gwenda B. 
"In the couple of short visits I had with Dr. Campion she appeared to be knowledgeable and friendly. The carpal tunnel surgery came off successfully. The info she gave me beforehand covered all the possible end results. Thankfully the feeling is coming back to my thumb and index finger. Ya-a-a! Thanks, Dr. Campion. I would recommend her to anyone. Also, Dr. Tuman who did my husband's knee operation deserves a special recognition for working to get me into surgery as soon as possible, he even offered to do the surgery but said I would be better served by Dr. Campion who was certified in endoscopy (sp) surgery. They both made it possible for me to get the job done as soon as possible. They restored my faith that there are still doctors out there that are not jaded but really care & whenever possible willing to go the extra step." – Penny S. 
"She's very thorough & friendly. I have complete faith in her." – Debra D.
"Dr. Campion is a wonderful doctor, very caring and explains everything to me. I had no problems. The procedure room was large and I watched the nurses prepare for the surgery. Everything was handled with care and I even watched the surgery." – Audrey L. 
"Dr. Campion not only did the surgery on my left elbow, she also diagnosed arthritis, which I would not have known about if she hadn't done such a thorough exam at the last visit.   All staff is very efficient and helpful." – Laura M. 
"Heather was an amazing surgeon and a very caring person. I appreciate her for taking my pain away which has allowed me to have a fully functional hand again!" – Connie L. 
"Slocum is likely the best most efficient, professional and friendly healthcare facility I have ever used. Over the past 18 months, I have had Cancer surgery, chemo and more and then a shattered wrist.  My experience began the Friday before Labor Day at 4:00 pm.... you can imagine anywhere else I would have had to wait hours and likely had a rookie or assistant attend to me. At Slocum, I was whisked in and taken care of. Then returned on Tuesday after Labor Day to meet Dr. Campion. A delightful, professional, happy and incredible hand surgeon. From the surgery to the numerous follow-up visits I never have to wait, get all the time needed by everyone. The handoffs are efficient, and Dr. Campion always is right there asking questions and letting me ask whatever I need.  She is a star and Slocum in total should be the model of healthcare going forward. Then the USA would be the leader in healthcare.  I can't say enough good things by the over 20 different Team Members I have encountered at Slocum. I can't say enough positive about my experience." – Jed J.  
"My overall experience with Slocum was wonderful. From the surgery center, to my physician, Heather A. Campion, MD, Nancy Clogston, occupational therapist, anesthesia staff, nursing staff, etc., were all marvelous and very helpful. Thank you for excellent service. I would give everyone a 10+ rating." -- Audrey L.
"I was so shocked when I saw my x-ray. I had shattered my wrist socket. It did not look good. After surgery and the swelling went down, I was put in a wrist brace. I was so sure it was going to be cast for a long time, even had the color picked out. Dr. Campion was very surprised at the movement I had. She was not sure if I would have any with what she had to work with. I am so pleased with everyone at Slocum." -- Debra S.
"What a wonderful clinic to have right here in Eugene. From the moment you walk through the front door, you are taken care of like you are important. The two times I have been to your clinic, the women that greeted me were friendly and efficient. Dr. Campion, and her staff are over the top amazing. My wait was short, and Dr. Campion made sure that I was informed in a way a layperson could understand. She took her time and didn't hesitate to answer any questions I had. I have already recommended several people to Dr. Campion and the Slocum Center." -- Jonni F.