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At Slocum Center, several of our orthopedic surgeons specialize in treating chronic instability. We have been caring for elbow conditions for more than four decades. That means that your care will be provided by a team whose experience is virtually unmatched in Eugene, the surrounding areas of Oregon, and throughout the Northwest.

Acute instability is usually quite easily diagnosed and treated, but the chronic condition is much more problematic to identify. The outside ligament of the elbow being detached or thinned usually causes instability. There is almost always a history of trauma or prior elbow surgery. It may also be associated with soft tissue and collagen disorders.


Elbow instability or ligament injury in the elbow often occurs when someone has sustained a fracture or dislocation to the elbow in the past.


A thorough knowledge of the anatomy, as well as a clear understanding of the reconstructive options, is essential for the proper management of recurrent and chronic elbow instability. Surgery is typically required and often involves the reconstruction of the ligaments on the inside and outside of the elbow.