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At Slocum Center, our orthopedic surgeons specialize in forefoot pain. We have been providing care for foot injuries and conditions for many years. That means your treatment for forefoot pain will be provided by an expert team whose experience is virtually unmatched in Eugene and the surrounding areas. 

Pain can develop under the metatarsal heads, which is the area between the arch and the toes.

This may be associated with a callus under one or more of the metatarsal heads. The buildup of skin results from abnormal weightbearing over the area. Ill-fitting shoes with high heels can result in metatarsalgia. Sometimes metatarsalgia develops as a function of age or of a foot deformity.

Many times, the pain and callus can be relieved with the use of orthoses, such as arch supports, which can redistribute the weight on the foot.

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