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At Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, several of our orthopedic surgeons specialize in heel pain. We have been providing expert foot and ankle care for many years.  For this reason, you can be assured that your heel pain will be cared for by a specialized team, dedicated to restoring your health. 

This pain is most commonly caused by an inflammation of the connective tissue on the sole of the foot where it attaches to the heel bone. Often a bony protrusion (heel spur) is seen on X-rays; however, the heel spur does not cause the pain. Heel pain is quite common and may begin without any injury.

Pain under the heel often feels worse when getting out of bed.

Most cases of heel pain improve spontaneously. It may be helpful to stretch the Achilles tendon, take medication to reduce swelling, and/or use shoe inserts. Steroid injections or walking casts may be used if the pain does not improve. Rarely is surgery needed.