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At Slocum Center in Eugene, Oregon, our hip specialists are experts in caring for hip fractures. Having treated hip conditions for many years, our hip team is dedicated to providing highly-specialized care in order to restore your function and mobility. 

When a break occurs where the top of the thighbone angles into the hip socket, the hip is fractured. Typically, hip fractures affect the elderly with weakened (osteoporotic) bone, but higher energy trauma can cause hip fractures even in young healthy patients with healthy bone. The injury makes it too painful to stand. Hospitalization and surgery are required.


Ninety percent of hip fractures result from falls, usually in the home. Only one in four patients recover completely.


Taking steps to avoid falls is critical. Here are some suggestions:

  • Participate in regular exercise to increase strength and balance
  • Have prescription and over-the-counter medicines reviewed to reduce side effects and interactions
  • Have annual eye exams
  • Reduce hazards that could cause a fall in the home


Following surgery, which involves fixing the broken pieces with plates, pins, or screws, or replacing them with a prosthesis, the goal is to get the patient moving, even while the bone is healing. A doctor will determine when it is appropriate to start standing and walking after surgery. Patients may need crutches, a walker or other help. Physical therapy or rehabilitation exercises may be used to help the patient return to normal levels of activity.

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