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At Slocum Center, several of our orthopedic surgeons specialize in insertional achilles tendinosis. The Slocum Center has been providing care for foot conditions for decades. That means your treatment will be provided by a team whose experience is unparalleled in Eugene and the surrounding areas of Oregon. 

The Achilles tendon inserts into the heel bone. A tremendous amount of stress goes across the contact area. When running, up to 11 times the body weight is transferred through this point. As a result, the tendon sometimes becomes damaged and heel spurs develop. Shoes cause irritation of the bump, and walking and running can be painful.

The causes are the same as for Achilles tendinosis.

Wearing backless shoes can help. Wearing shoes with a soft wrap around the heel counter may also be tolerated. However, if the pain becomes disabling, surgery may be necessary. Surgery consists of removing the bump and repairing the damaged tendon. This procedure requires a 4-6 month recovery.

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