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At Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, our orthopedic surgeons specialize in the treatment of Morton's Neuroma. Our foot specialists have been treating foot conditions for more than four decades. For this reason, your foot condition will be cared for by a dedicated team whose combined training and experience is virtually unmatched in Eugene. 

When the nerve between the third and fourth metatarsal bones is pinched, radiating pain may be experienced into the third and fourth toes. The primary cause of this problem is tight shoes that squeeze foot bones together, triggering the nerve to form a neuroma. This buildup of extra tissue in the nerve can cause marked discomfort.

Initial treatment should consist of wearing wider shoes and taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication, which can decrease the swelling around the nerve. Using a pad on the sole of the foot can help spread the bones and decrease pressure on the nerve. Cortisone may be injected around the nerve. Surgery to remove the neuroma is a last resort.

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