Digital X-Ray

Unlike traditional radiography, which uses photographic film to capture images of the human body, digital radiography stores its images in computer files, just as your digital camera does. The primary advantage of digital radiography is time. Since the images don't need to undergo the chemical development process that is required by traditional film-based X-ray imaging, digital X-ray images are available much quicker. In addition, since the images are created digitally, there is no need to scan film to import it into the digital domain.

Digitally stored X-ray images can be viewed on any number of devices, including desktop and laptop computers and hand-held devices such as tablets and smartphones. This can facilitate the sharing of information between doctors, which can result in better patient outcomes and reduced costs.

In some cases, digital radiography requires less radiation to achieve an image of similar contrast and clarity than that of traditional film-based radiography. 

At the Slocum Center, we invest in state-of-the-art technology such as this because we feel it not only allows our specialists to do their jobs better, but that it also ultimately has a positive impact on our patients' experience here.

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