About the Slocum Surgery Center

At Slocum Surgery Center, your health, safety, and comfort are our priorities. We understand that, after you and your doctor decide that surgery is the best treatment for your condition or injury, you may have a number of questions and concerns. Surgery is a major commitment, because it affects your lifestyle for several weeks and sometimes months after surgery. Planning for surgery can be overwhelming, but you can make it easier on yourself and on your family by being prepared and knowing what to expect before, during, and after your surgery. The following information is intended to keep you informed, so you can enjoy peace of mind as your surgery date approaches.

Low Infection Rates

The quality of care provided by ASCs is at least equal to and in most cases better than hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs). Between 5 and 10 percent of all patients contract at least one hospital-acquired infection during their stay in an acute care hospital, but because only surgery is performed in the ASCs, and mainly on well patients, incidences of healthcare acquired infections are rare.


If you undergo a procedure at a hospital or HOPD, you will likely be required to arrive several hours prior to your procedure, then search through the large facility to locate the proper floor and department for your surgery. At Slocum Surgery Center, we complete patients’ insurance benefits, PAT visit, and anesthesia consult prior to the day of surgery. In our facility, patients have a seamless, efficient, and convenient pre-surgery, surgery, and discharge experience.

Specialized Care

At the Slocum Surgery Center, we specialize in providing personalized care for each of our patients. As an exclusively orthopedic surgery center, with surgical services provided exclusively by the surgeons at Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Slocum Surgery Center is focused entirely on the preparation, process, and outcome of your orthopedic surgery. Our team of specialists has worked together for several years in both the hospital and ambulatory surgery center settings, resulting in high patient satisfaction rates.


In conjunction with Healthcare Reform goals, a recent OASCA PAC report states that ambulatory surgery centers, like Slocum Surgery Center, perform with lower overhead costs than HOPDs and hospitals. This leads to lower rates of reimbursement from Medicare and commercial insurance plans. As a result, ambulatory surgery centers reduce medical care expenses for governments and out-of-pocket expenses for patients. If used, the efficient business model of ambulatory surgery centers has the potential to save the state of Oregon millions of dollars as it embraces Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), Oregon’s new direction in delivering care to Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) patients. The Slocum Surgery Center is Medicare certified and participates in most insurance plans.

Congratulations, Ambulatory Surgery Center Team!

Our Slocum Ambulatory Surgery Center team scored in the 98th percentile in two categories on the latest patient satisfaction scores and exceeded the recognition targets of the Oregon Patient Safety Commission's Patient Safety Reporting Program!