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See what patients are saying about their RENEW experience!

How would you describe your joint replacement experience from your first visit to Slocum to where you are today?

“Slocum team was friendly and helped me understand what was going to happen before and after surgery. They even called me after surgery to make sure I was doing ok.” -- Pamela B.

“EXCELLENT! No complaints at all!” -- Raymond “Brian” K.

“Excellent-fast recovery for patient-home in 8 hours” -- Gina W.

“A lot of pain for 25 years, after surgery that pain was gone” -- Lori K.

“I had lots of fears before. But I had very little pain, more discomfort or inconvenience for a while. I was very pleased with all the processes Slocum has in place and very thankful for the expertise of my surgeon, Brian Jewett” -- Linda K.

“Everything has gone smoothly. I have complete trust in my doctor and nursing staff (especially Tobias!). I am so happy to have the option of surgery in the clinic rather than the hospital. I think being home sped up my recovery.” -- Sherrill W.

“My experience was that staff are informed, helpful and available. I felt information was provided and explained, reducing anxiety before and after surgery.” -- Holly L.

“The experience was great, considering it was a replacement. I’m in great place today and use to my new hip.” -- Richard Y.

“Life changing. No pain and enjoy being able to be back to normal daily activities and life.” -- Henry “Scott” S.

“Good!! Great option to a hospital stay.” -- Darrell B.

“I’m glad I had the replacement. It has given me the opportunity to look forward to a better quality of life. I’m hoping to be able to most if not more than I was able to do the year prior to my knee replacement. Still hopeful for more radius of bend and return of normalcy. Love the staff and the team work!” -- Jean F.

“Excellent!” -- Terri F.

“Painful to pain free. Great care from start to completion. Tobias easy to keep in contact with and Julie fabulous PT.” -- Patricia W.

“Organized, (relatively painless), a wonderful experience went from chronic pain in my knee to no pain at all.” -- Webb S.

“Good, better every day” -- Joe T.

“Fantastic.” -- Florence D.

“Good to excellent” -- Denis V.W.

“Good, professional, helpful. Doctors-great job. Physical Therapy was excellent” -- Randy W.

“Great Improvement” – Dr. Dennis C.

“Great experience throughout. Expertise, compassion, encouragement from all Staff.” -- Amedee S.

“Excellent! Efficient process once it was determined that surgery was needed. Day of surgery, process was as stated beforehand.  Follow up with staff thorough and complete.” -- Janet H.

“A completely wonderful experience. Everyone at Slocum was professional and caring. Communication was excellent. The results exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Slocum for total joint replacement to anyone!” -- Terry E.

What was the best part of your overall experience?

“Getting back to life” -- Pamela B.

“No more pain! The staff and how they seem to actually enjoy their jobs!” -- Raymond “Brian” K.

“My husband took great care of me at home.” -- Gina W.

“I received very good care.” -- Lori K.

“Going home to my own bed and bathroom. And no pain from the 3 day continuous block.” -- Linda K.

“Knowing what I was supposed to do, what was expected of me.  I felt educated and prepared for the entire process.” -- Sherrill W.

“Getting a new knee!” -- Holly L.

“Being pain free in my hip from the first day.” -- Richard Y.

“The support from the entire staff. Tobias and Natalie were always available to help or answer questions.” -- Henry “Scott” S.

“Piece of mind knowing everything was done correctly.” -- Darrell B.

“The training and info before the surgery, the great Physical Therapy team, and the ability to get back to doing more activities little by little with less pain. The amazing staff and the ability to have had the surgery here and home same day.” -- Jean F.

“The experience was very personalized and attentive. The TJ short stay procedure was far superior to a hospital stay!” -- Terri F.

“Staying active after surgery. I ride my bike everyday and have lost 40 pounds.” -- Patricia W.

“The people! (No question) Tobias, the scrub nurses, the doctor all the PTs!” -- Webb S.

“Tobias and my rehab team-they were great! Seemed like they cared and were very knowledgeable” -- Eugene J.

“Pre-pre consult with Tobias? Knew more about what to expect.” -- Florence D.

“Outpatient surgery” -- Denis V.W.

“PT” -- Randy W.

“Having TKR at Slocum” -- Dr. Dennis C.

“Physical therapy.” -- Amedee Smith

“Follow up with day nurse and can’t say enough about positive about the PT process. Christy did an excellent job keeping me on track!!” -- Janet H.

“Not having to stay the night in a hospital- I was able to go home the same day, free of the joint pain I had been experiencing for 5 years!” -- Terry E.