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  • Conditioning Tips

    Physical conditioning includes power, strength, speed, balance, agility, coordination, and endurance. Click the link below for tips on creating and implementing a conditioning program to meet your individual needs.

  • Flexibility Exercises for Young Athletes

    Flexibility is a key component in injury prevention. Participating in a thorough stretching program before and after exercise can keep young athletes safe throughout their athletic season.

  • High-Velocity Training

    Recent studies question whether high-velocity training methods can increase muscle power more than a traditional low-velocity resistance training program. Learn about the differences between these two training methods.

  • Resistance Training and Injury Prevention

    Resistance training can improve muscle strength and power, increase muscle size, and improve athletic performance. Learn how participating in a resistance training program can also help you prevent injury.

  • Safe Exercise

    Regular exercise boasts many health benefits but moderation is key. Paying attention to safety is essential in avoiding exercise injury.

  • Sports Nutrition

    Nutrition plays a large role in athletic performance. Learn how to make the most of your meals and what you should and shouldn’t eat before and after exercise.

  • Train Smart and Stay Strong

    Learn how to avoid injury and stay strong by following a smart training schedule.

  • Weight-Bearing Exercises for Women and Girls

    Performing weight-bearing exercises can be particularly beneficial for women and girls. Learn about the best exercises you can incorporate into your workout routine.

  • Youth Strength Training

    A growing number of young children are experiencing the benefits of strength training at an early age. As long as the child is mature enough to follow the instructions, there is no reason the child should not participate in strength-related activities, such as push-ups and sit-ups.